Fox News Host Informs Viewers… It’s Official

A Fox News host just informed the network’s millions of devoted fans. It is now official, and viewers are stunned. The truth has finally been exposed.

On ‘The Daily Briefing’ program, longtime host Bret Baier skewered Democrats for their plan to hold a censure vote against President Trump. He rightly labeled it as a “political maneuver” and “campaign commercial in the making.”

In particular, the vote would be to condemn Trump for his tweets — and we can’t imagine that most Americans would think this is time well spent by Congress. Then again, this is Congress we’re talking about and Pelosi is running the House.

But this is all just a made-for-TV stunt. It allows Democrats to go after their Republican opponents nationwide and “say that on this vote, so-and-so stood with what they’ll call ‘racist tweets,'” said Baier.

This is what happens when Democrats decide that trying to actually take part in the process and seek solutions for the American people isn’t worth it. Instead, they grandstand, obstruct, and engage in personal attacks. It’s typical behavior.

But Trump has a plan of his own to make Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her band of radicals “the face of the Democratic Party,” said Baier. The president’s strategy just might work.

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