Fox News Host Gone – He Fled The Country…

Former Fox & Friends Weekend host Clayton Morris has left the U.S. and moved to Portugal with his family in the wake of more than two dozen lawsuits related to real estate deals he made with his wife and another business partner, the Hill reported.

Morris’s wife Natali said in several statements that she and her husband are continuing to cooperate with and answer the lawsuits and allegations. They have placed blame for the fraudulent deals on business partner Bert Whalen and his company, Oceanpointe.

The couple and Whalen are alleged to have built a real estate Ponzi scheme, not fixing up or renting out properties for investors and then using new investor funds to pay dividends to existing ones.

Lawyers for investors are concerned that the distance will make it harder to contact and notify the Morrises about court dates and proceedings.

The Morrises said they wanted to get away from all the negative attention and press surrounding the lawsuits, not to escape prosecution.

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