Fox News Ends All Speculation – Goodbye

Despite some recent dust-ups between President Trump and a few of the more liberal Fox News reporters, one reporter has ended all speculation about where she stands on the Democrats.

In her recent ‘Final Thoughts’ segment, Trump ally Tomi Lahren, who continues her take-no-prisoners approach to truth-telling, put it this way: “You might not like Trump or the GOP but I hate to tell you, they are all that’s standing between you and complete and total government overreach and eventual control.”

You have to hand it to Lahren. The pressure for her to compromise has been strong, even from within some corners of Fox News. But she will not be intimidated, and she’s working hard to convince as many Americans as possible that “the Democratic Party is absolutely, undoubtedly, and unarguably out of its collective freakin’ mind”.

She points to the unveiling of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) unveiling of the so-called ‘Green New Deal’ as the latest example, which is “as ridiculous as she is”. But this is the new normal for a Democratic Party being controlled by socialists. Americans aren’t buying what they’re selling.

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