Fox News Decision Rocks America… It’s Official

A major decision by Fox News just rocked America. They made it official, and liberals can’t believe it. The swamp is in meltdown mode.

Even in the age of nonstop anti-Trump hysterics, Fox News has decided they’re comfortable where they are — on top of the cable news ratings and outperforming MSNBC and CNN.

According to reports, Fox is enjoying its 35th consecutive month as the most-watched cable news channel. The network also blew away MSNBC and CNN in May.

By contrast, “CNN experienced its lowest ratings since August 2015 and MSNBC since December 2016,” read a devastating report to the liberal outlets.

MSNBC and CNN need to face it: Left-wing agendas masquerading as news don’t sell. Their measly following is nothing compared to Fox News’ support.

But with the likes of Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper, what do you expect? They are partisan hacks, not journalists or even opinion makers. Fox deserves to be on top.

Read the full story here.

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