Fox News Confirms It – James Comey Has Been…

Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett said Friday in an opinion piece on the website that former FBI Director James Comey is now atop the list of history’s most notorious schemers, even more so than Bernie Madoff.

He pointed out that “Comey’s Machiavellian machinations” included attempted entrapment of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, leaking sensitive government documents, and successfully triggering the appointment of a special counsel through deception.

Comey’s attempts to get Trump to incriminate himself failed, but he continued to scheme against Trump after he was elected. He lied both directly and by omission to the new President, denying that he was being investigated and telling him about the phony Steele dossier so he could justify it being leaked to the press.

He then made it seem like Trump had colluded with Russia even though there was no evidence of that fact–the dossier was fake and he knew it. He lied by omission to federal judges on the FISA court and got warrants under false pretenses.

If James Comey doesn’t get prosecuted for something when all the reports come out, there is something seriously wrong with the American justice system.

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