Fox News Breaks The Story… Trump Is LIVID

Fox News just broke a massive story. It is spreading nationwide and Americans are stunned by what the network has exposed. President Trump is livid about it.

According to ‘The Five’ c0-host Jesse Waters, CNN is putting our national security in danger by publishing fake news. One of CNN’s latest reports, which has yet to be legitimized, is yet another example of media hypocrisy.

Declaring that “it’s not Trump putting national security at risk … it’s the media,” Watters excoriated CNN for airing a highly disputed report. CNN claimed the CIA removed a spy from Russia because Trump “mishandled classified information.”

In the liberal media’s rush to hurt Trump and generate headline-catching news, they are forgetting the number one rule of journalism: Verify. Then again, CNN isn’t interested in actually fact-checking their stories.

During the Fox News program, Watters’ concern was shared by co-host Dana Perino. She said, “Let’s be clear: Lives could still be in danger, maybe even more now.” This is exactly why CNN should be ashamed.

However, don’t hold your breath for a retraction; the network doesn’t care whether their reporting is accurate. CNN has certainly lived up to being the ‘Clinton News Network’ — a satirical name given to it by critics many years ago.

Read the full story here.

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