Fox News Breaking Up With Viewers – Are You Ready To Break With Them?

Fox News isn’t the right-wing stalwart it used to be. In fact, they’re breaking away from the conservatism that viewers loved them for. That’s what Breitbart writer John Nolte argues in a recent piece.

Some recent trends at Fox are certainly disturbing. They:

  • Joined CNN and Jim Acosta in a lawsuit against the White House,
  • Called a number of key races in California for the Democrats 90 minutes before polls closed
  • Caved to liberal agitators and stopped showing one of Trump’s ads against illegal immigration

Since Fox owner Rupert Murdoch’s “politically moderate” sons have taken over control of operations at Fox, critics have complained that the higher-ups at Fox are interested in making money off of conservatives, but aren’t truly conservative themselves.

The executives that run Fox News should take warning: If you break up with conservatism, viewers will break up with you.

Read the full story here.

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