Fox News Bombshell – Secret Audio Leaked…

The Hill’s John Solomon told Fox News Host Sean Hannity that Special Prosecutor John Durham and others have obtained an audiotaped deposition of Joseph Misud that details his interactions with George Stephanopoulos and how he came to be in contact with Russians in March 2016.

Durham has been investigating how the Trump-Russia investigation got started, and Misud’s contact with Stephanopoulos led directly to the FISA warrant applications to spy on Trump and others in his campaign.

According to Solomon, no grand jury has yet been empaneled, but he is watching closely to see if that happens in the next few weeks. Forming a grand jury would signal coming criminal charges and possible indictments, Solomon said.

It may not be too long before the American public learns about how the Mueller investigation got started, and whether any wrongdoing happened in the decisions leading up to it. Reports say that then-FBI director James Comey was warned repeatedly that the information in the Steele dossier used to obtain FISA warrants was not verified and could be false.

For now, it seems that the DOJ has declined to prosecute Comey on the somewhat weak and complicated evidence they have. But he’s only one of many involved in the narrative, and anything is still possible as the investigation continues.

See the full video here.

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