Found DEAD At The Scene – Details Pouring In…

The family of a man who was killed by an employee while trying to rob a Dollar General store is demanding that the employee be prosecuted for killing “an innocent man.”

Roosevelt Rappley was robbing the Dollar General and pointed his gun at the clerk, who pulled his own gun and shot Rappley in the chest, killing him.

“That was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother in the chest,” Rappley’s sister said. “Yes, he’s robbing them. Oh well! Call the police, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to take matters into your own hands.”

The clerk had a concealed carry permit and was not breaking any laws or company policies by acting in self-defense. But some worried that he would still lose his job because of the negative attention from Rappley’s family and others in the community.

So the pro-gun CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, Kyle Reyes, stepped forward and offered the clerk a job with his company, if he should lose his job at Dollar General.

“This man wasn’t a criminal – he was a hero.  He was a warrior.  He was, in a sense, the silent majority of Americans that are sick and tired of being bullied,” Reyes said.

Read the full story here.


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