Forced OUT – White House Bombshell Emerges

A stunning White House bombshell just dropped. One of President Trump’s cabinet members has been forced out of a major event — the radical left is at it again.

Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, was forced to leave a speaking engagement in Washington, DC, after liberal protesters would not quiet down. He left after multiple attempts to bring peace to the situation.

He was invited by Georgetown Law to discuss immigration policy, however, the protest group known as CREDO crashed the event — reportedly because they were angry about President Trump’s border policies.

Before ending his appearance, McAleenan said, “I’ve dedicated my career to protecting the right to free speech and all the values we hold dear in America from all threats.”

“So, we’ll go ahead and try one more time, but otherwise I’m gonna go back to work and keep trying to secure this country,” he continued. The protesters continued to yell and prevent anyone from hearing him.

That’s when McAleenan decided that is was best to leave the event — he didn’t want any further disturbances to be caused. Once again, a member of the Trump Administration took the high road while leftists simply screamed liked children.

Read the full story here.

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