Florida shooter’s family makes tragic announcement

What happened last Wednesday was tragic, and the aftershock from that tragedy will linger for a long time. So many families are mourning the loss of their loved ones and friends. The damage from Nikolas Cruz’s actions extends in all directions, including some unexpected ones.

Nikolas Cruz’s brother, Zachary, who turns 18 next week, was just admitted to a mental health facility. Zachary was admitted involuntarily, so we don’t know exactly what the situation is exactly.

It’s likely, however, that as Zachary was of high school age, that he knew the people who his brother murdered and is naturally unable to comprehend the situation. His brother committed a remarkably evil act, but Zachary hasn’t done anything. It’s a horrific situation. Hopefully, everyone can find peace eventually. (Read More…)

Russia admits that U.S. airstrike killed Russian citizens in Syria

This is actually remarkable. After taking fire from artillery which landed mere yards away from American military personnel at a Syrian military base, the U.S. responded immediately by bombing the artillery positions about two weeks ago.

Last week, however, reports came out that the American airstrike had killed Russian nationals in Syria. Russian officials finally addressed the reports last week, saying that these were Russian mercenaries in Syria and that only a few died, but other sources reported that at least 100 Russians were killed.

Normally this would be grounds for war, and it’s more than just a little amazing that it hasn’t escalated quickly. There’s a good reason why though.

Russia would have to admit that it mistakenly or purposefully fired upon an American position and, if they had been successful, would have killed quite a few people. That and Americans genuinely believed they were firing back at Syrians. Putin knows better than to start World War III over a Russian mistake. (Read More…)

ICE arrests over 200 illegal immigrants in Los Angeles

For years we’ve been told by politicians — Democrats and Republicans alike — that everyone is in favor of deporting illegal aliens who commit crimes. But at the same time, not a single president or congressional majority ever acted to start doing so.

President Trump campaigned on enforcing immigration laws, building a wall, and deporting criminals. He’s already enacted immigration-focused executive orders, there are prototypes just about ready for the wall, and now he’s enforcing the law.

Just this last week, ICE gathered up at least 200 illegal aliens in a set of raids in Los Angelas. Of those, about 90 percent are criminals and will be deported. Apparently, Americans needed a non-politician like Trump to stick to his promise and get something done. (Read More…)

Maxine Waters attended vile ‘Nation of Islam’ event – where suicide bombers were defended

Rep. Maxine Waters from California seems to be trying to win a competition for the worst person in Congress.

It was just revealed that Waters attended a Nation of Islam event in 2002 with Louis Farrakhan presiding. One of the topics of the evening was how Palestinian suicide bombers were justified in killing Israelis.

Farrakhan is a notorious anti-semitic racist who also advocates for the murder of white people. That is, of course, when he’s not praising Hitler. Farrakhan is disgusting, and Maxine Waters should be ashamed of herself for supporting him. She needs to resign… now. (Read More…)

Horrific plane crash in Iran leaves 65+ missing

Only a week ago a Russian airplane crashed, killing over 70 people just outside of Moscow. Now there’s been another tragedy. A passenger plane dropped off the radar in central Iran this Sunday and crashed. At least 66 are missing, and it’s unlikely that anyone survived — as is often the case with plane crashes.

The Iranian government initially believed everyone had perished, but they’re not ready to confirm that’s the case yet. Where the plane crashed, the topography is such that it’s possible that some could have survived a crash landing.

Everyone knows that Iran is far from friendly with America. But tragedies like this transcend politics. Let’s hope for the best. (Read More…)

Three suicide bombers murder 20 and wound dozens in Nigeria

Boko Haram has struck again. Three female suicide bombers detonated themselves at a fish market in Nigeria on Friday. There are differing reports coming in, but at least 20 have been confirmed dead. Somewhere between 25 and 70 people are thought to be wounded.

This sort of behavior is disgusting. Who knows what sort of brainwashing the three bombers must have undergone to be able to detonate a bomb strapped around their bodies surrounded by innocent people shopping for food?

Boko Haram, like the rest of the Islamic militant groups are a blight on humanity. Thankfully, we have a president who has been giving a beating to ISIS and al-Qaida. Watch out Boko Haram, you might be next. (Read More…)

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