BREAKING: Gov. DeSantis Gets Shocking News – Florida Is Now…

Florida is currently experiencing a surge of new residents, and it looks like the policies of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are the reason.

DeSantis has refused to shut down his state or adopt Biden’s ridiculous vaccine policies, decisions that are proving very popular with residents of Florida and other states alike.

In fact, his moves are getting such a warm reception from people in other states that they’re packing up and moving to Florida.

Take Paula Miller, who recently relocated from Chicago to seek refuge in the land of Ron.

As Paula puts it, it “really didn’t have so much to do with the weather.”

“The taxes I was paying in Cook County … were getting really insane. My property tax went up $1,000 in one year. And I realized that that trend was going to continue.”

Yes Paula, the trend of liberals taxing people to death IS going to continue, just like the trend of people moving to Florida.

To read more testimonies about why citizens are flocking to Florida, click here.

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