Fire Her: Joy Behar Breaks Down On-Air, Admits…

Radical leftist Joy Behar’s on-air breakdown is going viral. She needs to be fired for what she just admitted on national television.

Discussing the recent synagogue shooting on The View, Behar said, “Take responsibility for your actions. Mr. President, you are the culprit.”

Behar’s accusation make zero sense whatsoever, and she’s hit a new low for her insane, anti-Trump rhetoric. To blame the president for such a tragedy is sick.

Whoopi Goldberg helped tee up Behar’s shocking conclusion by saying that these “incidents are on the rise.” She asked, “What do we do about this?”

Instead of addressing the actual question at hand, Behar launched into an attack on Trump and blamed him for the whole thing. “He talks out of both sides of his mouth,” she said.

Behar continued: “He’s provocative. He gives dog whistles constantly to these people.” She went on to claim that he is the “culprit,” against all evidence and common sense. She’s delusional and should be fired.

Read the full story here.

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