Felony INDICTMENT – Top Dem Facing YEARS In Prison

A high-ranking Democrats is facing years in prison after a felony indictment rocked his inner circle. The FBI is involved — he cannot escape the consequences of his actions.

The FBI tweeted: “Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia was arrested this morning by @FBIBoston IRS-CI & @HUDOIG special agents at his home. He’s accused of conspiring to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from marijuana companies.”

Speaking on the issue further, U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said that his office is “the primary deterrent” to such corruption. “I take that seriously, and we will continue to aggressively pursue corruption in local, city and state governments,” he said.

One has to conclude that this is part of the Trump Administration’s push to ”drain the swamp,” not only in Washington, DC, but across the country. The Department of Justice (DOJ) should be commended for their work.

Attorney General William Barr runs a tight ship and is bringing integrity back to the department after years of mismanagement by Obama and his cronies. And the arrest of Mayor Correia is just one small part of this effort.

On a larger scale, Barr continues to delve into the mysterious death of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein — who was connected to powerful people all over the world. He is also making Democrats nervous with his probe into the anti-Trump ‘collusion’ investigation.

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