BREAKING: Tragic Diane Feinstein Update Stuns Voters – Democrats Are…

If the rumors from at least one anonymous source is to believed, America may need to reduce it’s expectations of Dianne Feinstein moving forward.

The 88-year-old Democrat Senator from California is experiencing a serious mental decline.
One anonymous Democrat recently spoke about a recent meeting they had with Feinstein 15 years into their relationship.

Despite having been friends for years, Feinstein didn’t know who the source was.

Instead of any ACTUAL policy discussion, Feinstein repeatedly asked the same small-talk questions like “what do voters care about” and continually asked the source to identify themselves every few minutes.

Remember, this isn’t some old lady in a movie or something, this is an ACTIVE SENATOR. Feinstein is CURRENTLY making the laws that you and I have to follow.

If she doesn’t have the mental capacity to engage in standard social conversations, how can we possibly expect her to understand what she’s doing in office?

The answer is obvious: we can’t.

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