Horrifying news about the FBI

Another FBI agent may be implicated for wrongdoing in this Russian investigation catastrophe. General Counsel James Baker is suspected of leaking the “Trump Dossier” to Mother Jones, a far-left news outlet.

House Republicans are investigating a link between reporter David Corn and Baker. They suspect the FBI was somehow involved in the leak to the press. Is it possible that the FBI was playing politics with an unverified dossier? Of course it is. (Read More…)

Trump admin successfully cuts UN budget by almost $300 million

Trump wasn’t kidding when he said that if the other nations in the U.N. didn’t start paying their fair share, that we would cut down our contributions. At current rates, the United States contributes 22% of the entire U.N. budget, to the tune of $3.3 billion every year.

This budget cut weighs in at $285 million, so it effectively brings the U.S. contribution to $3 billion. But this may just be Trump’s first warning shot.

America subsidizes the U.N. as well as the defense of most of the Western World through NATO, and yet other countries consistently berate us for a variety of unfair reasons. They can’t have it both ways, and Trump knows that. (Read More…)

US Congressman: FBI attempted to dictate results of 2016 election

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio has been all over the Russian investigation in recent weeks. Ever since the anti-Trump text messages from Peter Strzok were released, Jordan has been on a roll.

In a recent radio interview with Todd Starnes, Jordan said he’s ‘convinced’ that the FBI was ‘actively seeking with intent, actively trying to stop Donald Trump from being president of the United States.’

This seems to be fairly obvious by now. Strzok was sending text messages about an ‘insurance policy’ against a Trump presidency not long after he was changing the FBI’s wording on the Hillary Clinton email investigation from ‘reckless’ to ‘careless’ to remove the legal bite.

That demonstrates just how biased these people really are — and it’s not the only example. Trump seems to have been pretty dead on about the swamp. (Read More…)

Chuck Schumer calls Donald Trump “Scrooge” because of tax cuts

Sen. Schumer just can’t seem to keep quiet. Rather than just acknowledge that the Democrats lost on tax reform, he had to whine about it on Christmas Eve. Nothing is sacred, apparently. Schumer tweeted that because of the tax reform measure, Trump is “Santa to the Rich, and Scrooge to the poor.”

Interesting way of phrasing it, Chuck. Allowing people to keep their own earnings doesn’t make me think of Scrooge.

In fact, taking away their earnings because you believe that the government can better spend their money for them is pretty Scrooge-like. Maybe if folks had more money, they could donate it as they saw fit, rather than have the government dole it out for them. (Read More…)

Report: Mueller set a “lying trap” for Trump team

This doesn’t look very good for Mueller.

A ‘lying trap’ is an investigatory technique where the investigators ask questions of witnesses when they already have the answers to those questions in the form of some other statement of the witness. In the event that the interviewee lies, they can then be brought up on charges of lying to a federal investigator. It’s not an illegal technique, but it’s intentionally calculated to trip people up.

Mueller’s team used this technique on members of the Trump transition team, by obtaining their emails without informing them, then trying to create conflicts between the emails and interview answers.

There’s nothing wrong with checking the consistency of witness statements, but intentionally luring people into making conflicting statements is a different thing altogether. It was a highly manipulative and aggressive way to entrap people into “lying” to the FBI, and certainly not a fair or reasonable way to proceed. (Read More…)

President Trump publicly exposes what the corrupt FBI just did

President Trump is calling out more biased FBI agents. When James Comey was fired by Trump, Andrew McCabe took over as the Director of the Bureau. McCabe, like so many of his colleagues, is now suspected of having a substantial conflict of interest in the Russia investigation.

McCabe was a part of the investigation into Hillary’s email server during the campaign, yet his wife received about $700,000 from Clinton associates when she ran for Senate. Trump just isn’t having any more of it. He tweeted a few days ago that McCabe is ‘racing the clock to retire with full benefits.’ It turns out Trump was right and reports were circulated about McCabe’s resignation just a day later.

America needs unbiased individuals with integrity at the FBI, not selfish political hacks only interested in padding their own paychecks with the spoils of political intrigue. (Read More…)

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