FBI makes chilling announcement – coverup?

For over a year the story that Democrats, the media, and intelligence agencies have been pushing was that Donald Trump was somehow colluding with the Russians to win the presidential election. But as time has gone on, the reality of what took place around election time has become more clear: Hillary Clinton was protected from prosecution by the intelligence agencies, while those same agencies attacked Trump without justification.

And it’s only gotten worse. Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page, two agents assigned to the Hillary email investigation, were sending text messages for months that were anti-Trump – this we’ve known for a while. But a major discrepancy was just revealed. Five entire months of text messages are missing from the database that the FBI was supposed to have preserved.

What is going on here? Every day that passes it becomes more obvious that these agents are trying to hide something. We’re supposed to believe that the FBI can’t preserve its own records during an investigation? This is absurd. (Read More…)

Report: FBI agents admitted ‘pressure’ to finish Clinton probe as Trump began surging

Notwithstanding the five months of text messages missing from the FBI database, additional Strzok and Page messages have been released by the Justice Department. One message is of particular interest.

When Ted Cruz dropped out of the primary, and then-candidate Trump took the nomination in 2016, Strzok and Page were concerned. “Now the pressure really starts to finish [the Hillary email investigation]…” Strzok wrote.

This is more than just a slight implication that they already knew the outcome of the investigation or were planning on slanting the outcome of the investigation because they saw that Trump had a chance at winning the election. And, as their other texts have demonstrated, they were entirely unwilling to let that happen. Right as this was all happening, Trump was campaigning to “drain the swamp.” Even he might not have expected it to run quite this deep. (Read More…)

Domestic terror alert: Radicalized student goes on arson spree, calls for Islamic Caliphate

This one is really shocking. A 19-year-old woman named Truza Jamal Hassan set eight fires last week in seven different buildings at St. Catherine’s University in Minnesota last week. Hassan said she lit the fires because she had read about the American military destroying schools in Iraq or Afghanistan. So she targeted the Catholic college in her vengeful response.

The student-turned-terrorist told investigators “You guys are lucky that I don’t know how to build a bomb because I would have done that.”

As is typical in such cases, the administration attempted to hide what happened, and just about no one would cover the story. Thank goodness Hassan is now in custody and will be prosecuted for her crimes. (Read More…)

Report: Democrat Chelsea Manning could be criminally prosecuted over run for public office

This is genuinely stranger than fiction. Bradley Manning spent time in prison for leaking classified information to WikiLeaks during President Obama’s tenure. While in prison, Bradley had a sex change operation with the intent to become a woman and changed his name to Chelsea. Obama commuted Manning’s sentence before leaving office and now Manning has decided to run for Senate in Maryland. Now here’s where it gets even more bizarre.

Manning is apparently still an active duty soldier, and, even though her sentence was commuted, she’s still subject to the restrictions of an active duty soldier. As it happens, active duty members of the armed forces are not permitted to run for public office to avoid conflicts of interest.

This means that if the Pentagon decides to prosecute Manning, she could be in trouble. And this time, she won’t have a sympathetic ear in the White House. Nor should she. Someone who leaked over 700,000 classified documents doesn’t deserve sympathy — they deserve to be in prison. (Read More…)

Flashback: Chuck Schumer said government shutdown over immigration was ‘idiocy’ in 2013

In 2013, Sen. Schumer blasted the last big government shutdown, for which Republicans were blamed. At the time, he said that shutting down the government was “idiocy.” Schumer spearheaded this shutdown, so I guess by his own logic that makes him the leader of the idiots.

The shutdown is over now, as you’ve likely heard. I’m not concerned about a bunch of bureaucrats missing work for a few days, but it’s good that we’re now able to move forward. The shutdown affected the men and women in the armed forces, and they shouldn’t have the pay the price for idiotic policies and grandstanding from lifelong politicians like Schumer. (Read More…)

Washington Post blatantly lies about Eric Trump, ‘edits’ his Hannity interview

The Washington Post must be upset that it didn’t win the most “Fake News Awards,” and is stepping up its game. In an opinion column by Christopher Ingraham, The Post completely misquoted Eric Trump, President Trump’s son. Where Eric was referencing conversations with individuals about how their 401(K) funds have gone up in value, Ingraham said Trump was talking about his own retirement fund.

This misquotation made Eric seem like a liar and out-of-touch with average Americans, which is precisely what The Post column went on to say. But, of course, the author was lying, and the editors didn’t care enough to check what was said. This isn’t just sloppiness, it’s part of a pattern of dishonesty on the part of mainstream media outlets. It needs to stop. (Read More…)

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