FBI Comes Forward… Obama Is The Target

May 16, 2019

In a stunning revelation, a former high-level official in the FBI just came forward with a bombshell about the Obama Administration. The situation is heating up.

James Baker, who served as general counsel for the FBI from 2014 to 2017, admitted in an interview that he anticipates Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to “find mistakes” in the Trump-Russia probe.

Horowitz is currently investigating how the investigation — which was an anti-Trump witch-hunt from the start — was handled by the FBI in its early days of conception.

Baker said, “The inspector general is looking at everything we did. If the IG usually finds mistakes that we made, so I expect him to find mistakes this time.”

By “mistakes,” Baker would be more accurate to characterize what occurred as unethical and potentially criminal, but, as a former Obama lackey, he isn’t going to go that far.

Americans are waiting to see what Inspector General Horowitz discovers about the Obama Administration’s spying on the Trump campaign, specifically, the faulty justification used to surveil Trump aide Carter Page.

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