Just In: Shock FBI announcement made… Indictments coming?

President Trump has been under investigation for over a year, beginning with the FISA warrants granted to surveil his short-lived campaign advisor, Carter Page. For months, Republicans have argued that the FBI and DOJ used unverified information from the Steele Dossier as the basis for those warrants.

Finally, there’s going to be some repercussions. The Office of the Inspector General of the Justice Department just announced that there will be an investigation into those warrants.

It’s well overdue too. We’ve seen gross incompetence and bias from the FBI and virtually no one has paid the price. It’s high time some heads roll for trying to undermine a democratically elected president. (Read More…)

Controversial photo of Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren in ‘functional yoga pants’ goes viral

Liberals are having a tantrum again. This time it’s over conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren, who decided to show off some of her new concealed carry gear on Instagram. Lahren posted a picture of her wearing leggings that have a built-in holster for a firearm.

In the caption, she encouraged women to “Carry with confidence.” Some were apparently upset because they say yoga pants aren’t meant to be worn to conceal weaponry, they’re meant to do a peaceful activity.

News flash, liberals, “yoga pants” can be worn by a variety of people — including conservatives like Lahren. She doesn’t have to be anti-gun to wear pants with “yoga” in the name. Get a grip. (Read More…)

Trump fires VA Secretary David Shulkin, taps White House physician for role

There’s been a lot of movement in Trump’s cabinet recently. One of his economic advisors, Gary Cohn, was replaced by the conservative economic titan, Larry Kudlow, and H.R. McMaster was replaced by the well-known hawk, John Bolton.

Now there’s another shakeup as the President slowly constructs his ideal cabinet. A holdover from the Obama administration named David Shulkin has been removed and replaced by the president’s personal physician, Admiral Ronny L. Jackson.

I’m sure Jackson’s time in the service has prepared him well for the job ahead. (Read More…)

Roseanne reboot dramatically surpasses expectations

Roseanne is back! The beloved working-class American sitcom reboot made it’s debut Tuesday night and absolutely crushed the ratings. 18.2 million people tuned in, and it’s no surprise.

Roseanne is a salt of the Earth woman who doesn’t deal with nonsense and she tells it like it is. Which is also to say that she’s pro-Trump, and her show is one of the only that caters to normal Americans.

It’s encouraging to see some response to the overwhelming amount of super-liberal, politically and sexually charged junk that’s on TV today.  (Read More…)

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