BREAKING: Anthony Fauci NAILED In Mask Scandal – America Furious

Dr. Anthony Fauci, I’m sure you remember him. The man we spent far too long letting control our lives before we wisened up?

Well this July marks just one year since we started to realize that Fauci doesn’t really care about any science, he’s just in this game to pump out liberal propaganda.

He doesn’t actually care about you, your family, or this nation’s health. He cares about conditioning people to listen to the government without questioning it while he wears the face not of a monster but as a harmless old man.

Just like Joe Biden, that’s their shtick. Liberals put somebody in front of Americans that at least looks trustworthy or too confused to be evil, but what’s really important is who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Fauci doesn’t even follow his own advice. You know, the advice Kamala calls you a bigot for not following…

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  5. I don’t get paid to work at home, but I would like to comment on the article! When this whole thing started I asked my doctor about masks, and he said that they do work. BUT only if you aren’t touching them all the time with your contaminated hands! And he said the thing that really gets him going are the people who are alone in their car, wearing a mask!! He also said that masks were not meant to be worn all day in circumstances outside of an operating room. He also said that they are meant to keep viruses IN not OUT! Meaning if you are sick it will protect those around you. He said think of it like a condom (I know, family Channel but this is what he said). Most women want a man to wear a condom because of what he can give her. A baby, STDs, things like that. But condoms are not 100% foolproof. Just like masks are not 100% effective!!

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