BREAKING: Bombshell Report Proves Anthony Fauci Is GUILTY – Emails Show He KNEW

Newly uncovered emails show a dastardly smear campaign was launched by federal health officials Tony Fauci and Francis Collins in an attempt to destroy the credibility of any health official that opposed public lockdowns.

Back when some doctors were still proposing that we enact special protections of the sick, young, and elderly, Francis Collins appeared deeply upset over the Great Barrington Declaration, as it was called by those who penned it.

Collins went so far as to run to his friend Tony Fauci and demand that “There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of the Great Barrington Declaration’s premises.”

Fauci seemed unconcerned, simply telling Collins that America was “too busy with other things” to worry about the Great Barrington Declaration.

Further investigation into the emails reveal that they were simply smears against other doctors who didn’t agree that total lockdown was the only way out of the pandemic.

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