Farewell, Soros – Democrats Are Devastated

Socialist billionaire and far-left activist George Soros has donated to one radical cause after another, but his latest has permanently destroyed his reputation and that of any Democrats connected to him.

A bombshell revelation just dropped that the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations granted nearly $300,000 to the EIRIS Foundation, a charity group that promotes the anti-semitic falsehood of “the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

The EIRIS Foundation has created a project called ‘Business in Occupied Lands’ that provides an “online database of the companies active in Crimea and Palestine,” which are “two illegally administered territories.”

Ironically, their website states that it provides “objective and comprehensive information about corporate operations” in these areas, yet it describes the region of Israel as “illegally administered.”

The stated purpose is to provide “businesses, civil society, media and the investor community” with this information, but it’s obvious that a more nefarious agenda is present and it should be exposed.

Soros continues to push his anti-semitic agenda through corporate and foundation channels on a global scale. Unfortunately for him, President Trump remains steadfast in his support of Israel.

Read the full story here.

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