BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Stunned By Tragic Report – Fans Can’t Believe…

Tucker Carlson just learned he has been named the official enemy of the New York Times.

The newspaper has launched a campaign to get Tucker Carlson booted off of television?

Their logic? He’s a racist, because he has a problem with illegal immigration.

That’s right, as Breitbart puts it:

“The New York Times is trying to deport Tucker Carlson from his cable-TV job for the political crime of noticing mass migration hurts average Americans.”

It should be surprising, but it’s not.

Anyone with a brain would realize that open borders and unclear at best voting laws are recipes for disaster.

But we’re not talking about people with a brain, we’re talking about the New York Times, who simply ignore every possible negative result of illegal immigration simply because they aren’t anywhere close to the border.

Americans know how they feel about the border. They don’t need the New York Times to tell them. They need Joe Biden to listen.

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