Breaking: Famous music star collapses on-stage – please pray

Sometimes being a star can be taxing. Huge crowds depend on them for entertainment, and the days are long, incredibly busy, and exceedingly tiring.

It seems that’s exactly what happened this week when country music icon Tim McGraw collapsed on stage during a concert in Dublin Ireland. Right in the middle of a song, McGraw fell to his knees while the Irish audience gasped.

Medical staff rushed to his aid and removed him. They quickly determined that he was dehydrated and, with some recuperation, would be just fine. A scary situation, but it could have been much worse. (Read More…)

Supreme Court justice warns that America could become society where people are ‘executed with words’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is amazing. He’s the most consistent judge on the Court and probably the most conservative to boot. Whenever he speaks or writes, I pay very close attention. In a recent address to a Federalist Society audience, Thomas issued a grave warning.

Thomas says he’s concerned that our society will become one in which people are “executed with words.” He’s right, of course. Anyone who holds an opinion outside of the mainstream is at risk. The liberal agenda is to force everyone into having the same opinion and forcing dissenters to suffer the consequences. We need to heed Thomas’ words and protect our constitutional principles or this great experiment in liberty will be lost. (Read More…)

Elizabeth Warren refuses to take DNA test to prove Native American ancestry

Oh, Pocahontas, you’ll never learn. Notorious Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a truly embarrassing politician. In order to advance her career at Harvard Law school, Warren claimed to be of Native American lineage. Unable to substantiate the claims, Warren resorted to a bunch of absurd and borderline racist justifications — stuff like saying her cheekbones are proof of her Cherokee heritage.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Warren was asked if she would ever prove her claim, and of course, she deflected and tried to ignore it. That’s because she lied, benefitted from that lie, and can’t defend her unethical behavior. But that’s what Democrats do to get ahead. (Read More…)

Donald Trump says Melania’s life as first lady is ‘not so easy’

It’s difficult not to feel for Melania. She’s a quiet, humble woman who seems genuinely kind and compassionate. And yet she’s constantly the target of unwarranted attacks from Democrats and the media. That’s why at a rally this weekend, the president said that Melania is a “great first lady” but that her life is “not so easy.”

Melania may not have expected to be the first lady when she married Donald Trump, but she does a fantastic job in her role. She’s elegant, poised, and a great wife and mother. Democrats should be ashamed to attack a wonderful person who has done absolutely nothing wrong, but they have no integrity or class. (Read More…)

Vladimir Putin ordered passenger plane to be shot down in 2014

According to a new documentary called Putin, the Russian president ordered a passenger plane which was thought to contain an explosive device to be shot down while it was on the way to Sochi during the 2014 Olympic Games. Putin allegedly was informed that a plane heading from Ukraine to Istanbul was seized and the captors were forcing the plane to fly to Sochi — with explosives on board.

Upon investigation, Putin says, Russian security forces determined that pilot of the plane was actually just drunk, and the plane didn’t have to be taken down. The whole story sounds beyond belief, because… it probably isn’t true. It’s more likely that it’s propaganda to try and make Putin seem like a strong and decisive leader who protected the world’s athletes as Russia’s guests.

Too bad there’s no evidence to prove his story is true. (Read More…)

Cindy McCain says Sen. John McCain is ‘doing fine,’ won’t resign

After months of recovering from surgery where a malignant tumor was removed from his brain, John McCain’s family has an update on his health. A story has made the rounds online that McCain plans to resign because of his cancer. His wife Cindy set the record straight, saying that the senator is “doing fine” and that he’ll be reporting back to the Capitol.

No matter one’s politics, McCain is a good and respectable man. I’m glad he’s doing well, and wish him the best.

At the same time, I don’t think he has any business calling himself a Republican after his shameless kowtowing to the liberal media, and I have no desire to ever see him cast a vote in the Senate again. I hope he reconsiders and decides to spend time with his family instead of Chuck Schumer. Here’s to a long, happy, and healthy retirement for John McCain. (Read More…)

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