Breaking: Famous Democrat pleads guilty to felony – she’s done

It’s becoming really difficult to keep track of the Democrats who have been arrested, expelled from office, or forced to resign recently.

On Tuesday, Nashville’s Democrat Mayor, Megan Barry, resigned in disgrace after pleading guilty to felony theft charges. To make matters worse, the alleged theft occurred while she was engaging in an affair with her bodyguard… who also pleaded guilty to theft.

Barry, who was the first female mayor of Nashville, used taxpayer money to take vacations with her bodyguard. The people of Nashville are better off without her. (Read More…)

Report: 9 dead in Saudi air strikes in Yemen

You may have thought that the war in Syria is the only current conflict in the Middle East right now, but you’d be wrong. Actually, the war between the government of Yemen and the Houthi rebels is heating up again after almost three years of relative quiet. Currently, the rebels are resurgent in southern Yemen, a small country to the south of Saudi Arabia. In the last decade or so, the Saudi’s have joined with the government of Yemen to expel the rebels because they were launching missiles and attacks into Saudi territory.

As part of the response to the Houthis coming back, the Saudi’s have been launching airstrikes against them. Unfortunately, there have been casualties. Earlier these week 2-3 civilians were killed, and on Tuesday 9 civilians died. I hope this conflict can be dealt with quickly before it gets out of hand. (Read More…)

New Jersey declares state of emergency as snowstorm approaches

Is it spring yet? I’m sure the residents of the northern states wish it were. Along the Eastern Seaboard, states like Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut have just taken a one-two punch. Last Friday they had a hurricane-like nor’easter that brought down power lines, internet, and cable services, and right when they’re almost recovered, boom, there’s another, bigger storm.

New Jersey declared a state of emergency because the situation is actually pretty rough. Many people are still out of power from last week, and now they’re looking at between 1 and 2 feet more snow. That’ll require being dug out just to be able to get the power back on. We’re talking about hearty northeasterners who are used to this sort of lifestyle, but this is certainly not what most expect nearing the middle of March. I wish everyone a safe and comfortable end of the week. (Read More…)

Missouri police officer killed, 2 others wounded

It’s terrible to have to report such tragic news. On Tuesday evening, a Missouri police officer was shot and killed, and two of his colleagues were wounded when responding to a domestic emergency call. Officer Christopher Ryan Morton was shot and killed while inside the house to which they were called. His death marks the 20th police officer killed in 2018 alone, and we’re barely 2 and a half months in.

Morton was only 30 years old, and he’d been on the force for about 3 years. He was recently reassigned from a reserve position to take the place of another slain officer who was killed a few months prior. You’ll notice the media never talk about this. Instead, police are vilified in this country. That’s a disgrace. I hope Officer Morton rests in peace and that his family recovers in time. (Read More…)

Linda Sarsour arrested during Capitol Hill ‘Dreamer’ protest

There are few people who can compel the response “they definitely deserved it” upon being arrested like Linda Sarsour. She’s a truly objectionable person who supports Islamic terror groups, is openly anti-semitic, protests against everything conservative in America, and protects sexual harassers in organizations of which she is a part. Above all, she pretends to be virtuous while she does it.

Sarsour’s commitment to slowly destroying America apparently includes protesting against Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and demonstrating outside of his office. The protest was supposedly for the Dreamers; you know, the people here illegally that are supposedly deserving of amnesty without the slightest Democrat concession. The universe decided that Sarsour needed a helping of justice, and she was promptly arrested. She definitely deserved it. (Read More…)

Fox to air O.J. Simpson’s 2006 ‘If I did it…’ interview

It’s been 23 years since the O.J. Simpson murder trial. It was one of the most contentious trials in American history, and at the end of it, a guilty man went free after murdering two people. For better or worse, the justice system requires a high burden of proof to put people in prison for life, and the prosecutors couldn’t manage to reach that level. Americans were shocked and dismayed by the outcome, and many still believe O.J. should pay for his crimes.

What makes the situation worse is that O.J. seemed nonchalant about the murder of his ex-wife and another friend of his. In fact, he essentially bragged about how he killed them. It was a truly disgusting ploy for money and attention from a sick man. Years ago, Fox interviewed O.J. about the book that he wrote on the subject, and he effectively confessed to the “hypothetical” crime everyone knows he committed.

Americans were so upset that they petitioned Fox not to air the interview, and the network backed down. But now, they’ve announced they’re going to air the interview. I for one can’t stomach watching a murderer chuckle about killing innocent people, so I won’t be watching. He should be in prison, and not being celebrated on national TV. (Read More…)

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