Famous Democrat a Mafia Informant – Details Emerging

Details are emerging about a famous, Obama-supporting Democrat, once serving as an FBI Mafia informant. Americans are stunned by the news, and serious questions are being asked about the true scope of this person’s work.

According to a massive report by The Smoking Gun, Rev. Al Sharpton’s “secret life as ‘CI-7’ is based on hundreds of pages of confidential FBI affidavits, documents released by the bureau in response to Freedom of Information Act requests” and other records.

“CI-7” stands for Confidential Informant No. 7, and it’s a clandestine title Sharpton reportedly operated under in the 1980s while spying on major crime families for the FBI.

One such clan is known as the Genovese family. For his part, the report claims that Sharpton secretly recorded conversations with the Genoveses and provided them to the FBI as part of their investigations.

“I was not and am not a rat, because I was not with the rats. I am a cat. I chase rats,” Rev. Sharpton is quoted as saying to reporters. He also indicated that he’d cooperate with the FBI again if needed.

It is rare for a person to become an FBI informant without having a major network of oftentimes unscrupulous contacts or being privy to information the agency would find useful. Sharpton has a lot more explaining to do.

Read the full story here.

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