Famous celebrity found dead – disturbing details

Mark Salling, an actor and singer famous for his supporting roles in the TV show Glee, was found dead this week of an apparent suicide. A few weeks ago, Salling pleaded guilty to charges of possession of child pornography. He had a scheduled sentencing date of March 7 where it was expected that he would receive a four-to-seven year stint in prison – honestly, a light penalty, given what he did.

It seems that Salling felt the weight of his crimes and the burden of his subsequent punishment — and those were too heavy for him to bear. So he hung himself.

We should focus our energy on the real victims here, however: the children who were abused and who were at risk because of Salling and criminals like him. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly reportedly furious after NBC picks Katie Couric for Olympics reporting

Oh, Megyn Kelly, you’ll never learn. When Matt Lauer was terminated due to the numerous horrendous sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him, Kelly thought she would be next in line for Lauer’s many roles.

Not least among these roles was the opportunity to report from the Olympics this year. It turns out that Katie Couric got the job instead. Kelly was reportedly very upset when she heard the news and complained to her staff and agent.

Another NBC insider has is skeptical of the report, however, saying that the Olympics are not ideal to cover. In any event, it’s not hard to imagine that Kelly would be upset. (Read More…)

Report: Barack Obama may have obstructed justice in Hillary Clinton email case

Democrats have pivoted the whole Russian collusion scandal into a possible “obstruction of justice” case against President Trump. But ironically, everything the Democrats accuse Trump of, they’re actually guilty of themselves!

There’s evidence that both Bill and Hillary were involved with Russian entities, and let’s not forget about their many associates — the Podestas anyone? And now it looks like President Obama may have actually obstructed justice when the FBI was initially investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server.

A thorough investigation would be required in order to determine if Obama actually asked Comey to not fully investigate Clinton. But looking at the context, it certainly seems possible. (Read More…)

Report: Donald Trump contemplating prosecuting Robert Mueller?

Rumors are swirling around Washington that President Trump might be considering firing and prosecuting Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel assigned to investigating alleged collusion between Russia and various elements of the Trump campaign. President Trump expects to be exonerated because he believes, and so far the evidence demonstrates, that he has done nothing wrong.

But if that day doesn’t come soon, some believe that he will have Mueller prosecuted, possibly by Attorney General Sessions. It is unlikely that making such a move, whether it’s just or not, would be particularly prudent for the President. It’s possible that mounting pressure from Republicans in Congress will force the Mueller investigation to come to some conclusion soon. That would be the best outcome for everyone. (Read More…)

Disturbing footage released of Democrats hugging radical Nation of Islam leader

First, a picture surfaced of former President Obama rubbing elbows with Louis Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam. That picture was suppressed from going public for 13 years so that it wouldn’t tarnish Obama’s image. Now, a new set of videos have been released depicting Rep. Maxine Waters hugging Farrakhan, followed by him thanking her.

In the event that you don’t know who Farrakhan is, let me sum it up for you: He’s virulently anti-semitic and incredibly racist. He’s advocated for the death of white people while proclaiming the virtues of Hitler and the holocaust. He’s a sick man, and no one in our government should be interacting with him in a friendly manner. Rep. Waters should be ashamed of herself. (Read More…)

Hillary says she would have handled sexual harassment case differently if she had to do it again

Add this to the list of things Hillary should have done differently. Maybe she shouldn’t have attacked and discredited the victims of her husband’s gross sexual assaults. She should have sent relief to the brave American soldiers protecting the embassy in Benghazi. And maybe she should have complied with all of the security protocols regarding her unsecured email server that was likely accessible to every foreign intelligence service.

Hillary, next time a woman comes to you with credible evidence that a person on your staff is harassing her, investigate immediately and if the allegations are true, remove that person as soon as possible. This isn’t a difficult equation, and you have no excuses.

Here’s something you can do right now — stop trying to ride the #MeToo wave. Admit you were part of the problem and apologize. America is sick of listening to your hypocritical virtue signaling. (Read More…)

Life-changing mental trick: Blame yourself first

Late last night, I had something I wanted to get off my chest and couldn’t wait any longer. So I wrote this extremely politically incorrect article about something that is ruining countless lives.

I don’t normally say this, but if you have a child or grandchild who is a millennial, you might want to make sure they read this as well. Because they’re being taught something that will haunt them for years – unless someone teaches them the truth.

That “someone” probably needs to be you.

The article is about the concept of “blaming yourself first.” It’s controversial, but life-changing. (Read more…)

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