Famous Billionaire Dies – He’s Gone

A famous billionaire and philanthropist just passed away, and people are mourning. He will never be forgotten.

According to reports, Henry Bloch, the founder of tax preparation company H&R Block, died of natural causes in Kansas City. He was 96.

U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, who once served as a mayor of Kansas City, paid tribute to the late Bloch with kind, reflective words.

Rep. Cleaver said, “If not for Henry and others like him, I would never end up in the mayor’s office as the first African American. There’s no way.”

“Being Jewish, he had an almost natural kinship to others who had experienced discrimination and hostility based on something like religion or skin color,” Cleaver said.

In addition to founding one of the world’s largest tax preparation companies, Bloch was a veteran of World War II who flew bombing missions over Germany in B-17s.

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