Photos released of famous actor committing sexual ‘misconduct’

America just can’t go a few weeks without another sex scandal from Tinsel Town.

Pictures were recently released showing iconic actor Richard Dreyfuss groping and kissing two allegedly unsuspecting women. Backstage, at the Broadway show Sly Fox, the women went to take a picture with Dreyfuss when he took the opportunity to grope them.

The two women have made the pictures public and they make Dreyfuss look pretty horrible. What is it with these guys? This abuse needs to stop. It’s time for Hollywood to get its act together. (Read More…)

Meghan McCain says John McCain is doing ‘really good’ in battle with cancer

Meghan McCain just announced some good news about her father, Sen. John McCain. In an interview with CNN’s Van Jones, Megan said that her father had a rough holiday period while he was undergoing chemotherapy for his brain cancer. He also came down with pneumonia during that time, but she said he’s made an “incredible comeback.”

This is great news for the McCains. No matter one’s politics, it’s impossible not to feel for the family. That and, of course, John McCain is a genuine American hero. I’m glad to hear he’s doing better, and I wish him and his loved ones all the best. (Read More…)

Report: All FBI sources in Trump probe lead to Hillary Clinton

I really wish that we weren’t still talking about Hillary Clinton. She should have faded into well-deserved obscurity by now. It’s only the endless scandals that are keeping her in the limelight.

It turns out that every major source of information that supported the Russia investigations can be traced back to her. The four main sources of intel were Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, Sydney Blumenthal, and Cody Shearer. Most people know that both Fusion GPS and Steele are directly connected to the DNC and Clinton presidential campaign.

Blumenthal and Shearer’s role was less well-known until recently, but both are long-time Clinton associates and as dirty as they come. So, again, everything that sparked the Trump-Russia investigations points back to Clinton. With a little help from the FBI and DOJ, you have a year and a half long investigation that still lacks compelling evidence. How is this still a story? (Read More…)

Judge Jeanine to interview President Trump for book that may refute ‘Fire and Fury’

Michael Wolff’s “Fire & Fury” book made serious waves when it was released a few months ago. It contained a bunch of claims that have largely been discredited. Wolff famously said that certain parts of the book “rang true” so they can essentially be considered true. Pretty absurd stuff.

It looks like there might be a response to that book coming out soon, however. Judge Jeanine Pirro, the Fox News host, has announced that she’ll be interviewing President Trump to get his responses about many of the claims in Wolff’s book. This should be good. I’m particularly eager to hear what nickname Trump comes up with for Wolff. (Read More…)

Report: Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer clashed behind the scenes

This report demonstrates what can happen when two big personalities collide. Although they both appeared friendly under the lights, they were reportedly not fans of each other off screen. Neither of the two has confirmed this supposed feud, but it’s not hard to imagine. There have been reports from people who left Kelly’s staff who say that she’s a particularly difficult person to work with.

Of course, Matt Lauer has been exposed as an egomaniacal sexual deviant. So it’s little wonder that Kelly or anyone for that matter would take a dislike to Lauer. It’s a good thing he’s out of the business. Kelly, on the other hand, will apparently continue muddling along for the foreseeable future. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton fought for visa for radical Islamist – who has now been charged with rape

Political correctness and progressivism are truly dangerous forces. Leftists place an unsophisticated version of diversity above security and culture — no matter the cost. That’s why Hillary fought to bring a man named Tariq Ramadan to the United States years ago. Ramadan is a Swiss citizen and philosophy teacher. French authorities prohibited Ramadan from entering their country in the 1990s because they believed he harbored sympathies for Algerian extremists.

In 2004, Ramadan applied to work at Notre Dame University and was temporarily prevented from receiving a visa due to his previous sympathies. Two years later, he was denied a renewal on his visa for donating to a “charity” known for supporting Hamas. Ramadan brought a lawsuit which was eventually championed by Clinton. He won, allowing him to stay. An inspiring story of a good guy triumphing over bigotry with the help of a generous and enlightened patron, right?

Wrong. Turns out, Ramadan was a bad guy – he was recently arrested in France for raping two women. This, in addition to his extremist views, should keep him out of the country for a while. (Read More…)

Before you take pills for anxiety, think about this

Sometimes, your brain sends you alarms to alert you that something is wrong and that needs fixing. Anxiety, depression, fear – these aren’t necessarily symptoms of a disease or illness. They might actually be signs of a healthy body trying to warn you about a problem elsewhere.

These mental alarms are often just your healthy body telling you that you need to change your outlook, your behavior, and/or your environment. Treating these negative feelings as symptoms of a disease can miss the point – and eventually make things worse.

I used to experience horrifying levels of anxiety almost entirely because I had an extremely negative self-perception. If I wasn’t achieving some comically big goal, then I felt like a failure. Eradicating this mentality got rid of almost all of my anxiety.

Take a look at this article if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or fear. There may be a set of systemic changes you can make to improve your mental, emotional, and even physical health without taking pills. (Read More…)

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