BREAKING: Pelosi’s Criminal Scandal EXPOSED – Police Just Reported That…

When the news first came out that Paul Pelosi was being arrested, details on the exact circumstances were hazy.

Eventually, it came out that Pelosi had been driving under the influence at the time of his arrest.

Then it was revealed that Pelosi was in contact with the police at the time of his arrest because he was in a two-vehicle crash while he was driving drunk.

Pelosi and his network insist that the accident couldn’t have been his fault, as he was “struck by” a Jeep on State Route-29.

Sorry Paul, but you’re a public figure, so people are going to look into the claims to see if things were really the other guy’s fault.

It wasn’t.

Pelosi would have had to driven through a stop sign as the Jeep approached for the accident to occur the way it did.

Obviously, you’re not allowed to drive through stop signs in America.

What stings most for Americans is how much smarter and better the Pelosi’s are than “normal” Americans.

If you ask the Pelosis, the rules saying not to drink and drive don’t apply to Paul.

If you ask the Pelosis, the rules saying insider trading is illegal don’t apply to Nancy.

If you ask the Pelosis, the rules saying we must stop at a stop sign don’t apply to Paul.

If you ask the Pelosis, Nancy’s own mask mandate doesn’t apply to her hair appointments.

If you ask the people of America, the Pelosis suck.

Nancy has refused to comment “on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast.”

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