EXPOSED: They’re Working WITH Taliban – White House Furious


TheNew York Times drew furious criticism from the White House to Fox News after they published an opinion column from a Taliban leader.

“Fox & Friends Weekend” host Pete Hegseth tore into the New York Times saying, “It’s such garbage, revisionist garbage.”

The choice by the New York Times to post the opinion was insanely questionable. At worst it could be called propagandizing for the enemy.

At best it is extremely distasteful. It’s the equivalent of publishing an op-ed by Benito Mussolini during WWII. .

The Taliban have been waging a war of terror in Afghanistan for decades, and they’re responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

While the old Bush strategy of non-negotiation with terrorists has fallen out of favor, it is important to remember who they are. At the very least, we shouldn’t be giving them a voice for their propaganda.

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