EXPOSED: Bernie’s Family Secret Gets Out – America Shocked

Peter Schweizer’s recently released book Profiles in Corruption details ways in which 2020 Democrat presidential candidate and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has funneled campaign and taxpayer money to his family over his 30 years in public service.

His wife Jane administrated a tiny private college into the ground, but not before taking home a salary of $160,000 a year and a $200,000 severance package after funneling another $500,000 into their daughter’s woodworking school (a strange enterprise that she had no experience with previously).

She also set up a media buying company that spent $83 million on ad buys, about $12 million of which was fees to the buyers, which were friends of the family.

Interestingly, spouses who work in their significant other’s campaign only need to say that they earned “over $1,000” for work they did, so no one really knows the amount of money that was funneled to her through the various campaigns he has been involved with over the years.

Sanders himself has an estimated $2.5 million net worth comprised of three homes, profits from his three books, and a hefty government pension that he will receive for the rest of his life.


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