BREAKING: Fauci Nailed In Blackmail Scandal – Evidence Shocks Voters…

Doctor Tony Fauci finally revealed to the world that there was one purpose and one purpose only for government lockdowns:

Controlling the American people.

Speaking on the extreme COVID lockdowns in China, Fauci let the cat out of the bag as to why Americans were forced into lockdown.

“You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated.”

The purpose ALL ALONG was to make you do something you didn’t want to do.

We knew two weeks to flatten the curve was a load of baloney.

For some reason, we’re two years into flattening the curve and most liberals will still tell you how great government lockdowns are.

We aren’t buying it. We haven’t been for a while.

At least Tony is finally admitting he was forcing Americans to do what he wanted by endorsing American lockdowns.

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