BREAKING: Joe Biden ADMITS He Moved The Body – Evidence Is…

Recently, President Biden told the lovely story about the time he put a dead dog on the doorstep of one of his constituents, back when he served on the county council in Delaware.

“I got a call one night, a woman said to me, there’s a dead dog on my lawn,” Biden began, adding in that the caller was a republican so that the audience would prepare themselves to laugh at the horrible punchline.

According to Joe, “She said, ‘I want it removed now. I pay your salary.'”

“So I went over. I picked it up. She said, ‘I want it out of my front yard,’ I put it on her doorstep.”

The crowd responded with laughter, finding it hilarious that the President of the United States was admitting to dumping a dead dog on the porch of a voter he didn’t agree with.

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