BREAKING: Joe Biden’s White House Secret Finally Comes Out – He’s Finished…

Democrats have begun to demand change in the White House. Even they can recognize that what they have now isn’t working, and it’s time to change things, starting at the top.

According to Breitbart, “Democrats are beginning to want change in the White House, whether it is a new strategy since the administration has minimal accomplishments or new top staffers surrounding President Joe Biden.”

Joe’s poll numbers continue to fall, his approval rating even falling underwater in liberal wonderlands like California. His own home state of Delaware has rejected his constant calls for permanent mask mandates. Joe’s overall approval rating is at a record low.

Simply put, the man’s in trouble.

Even if it’s not the man himself being removed, liberals are starting to pine for even a change in Biden’s staff.

Biden didn’t seem to agree however, thinking that his current crew was doing a perfectly fine job. “I’m satisfied with my team,” he said.

Newsflash Joe: you shouldn’t be.

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