BREAKING: Joe Biden’s SICK White House Secret Comes Out – Staffers Admit Truth…

Even his own staff can’t stand Joe Biden.

Reports are coming in that morale is so low in Biden’s White House after less than a year in office that staffers are planning an exit after the holidays.

The news comes from Politico, who claims that Joe Biden’s staff is so unhappy with him, whistleblowers contacted the publication with the hopes that senior advisors would read the story and realize just how bad the situation really is.

Biden is simply so unpopular with American voters that even being associated with him can be seen as political suicide these days, and that’s without even addressing the horrendous working conditions that have been reported under Biden and Harris.

“A lot of the natural coordination that happens in a typically functioning White House has been lost, and there has been no proactive effort to make up for it through intentional team building,” on White House staffer claimed.

At least Biden’s crew seems determined to make it through the holidays. Kamala Harris’ people couldn’t even stand her for that long. Communications director Ashley Etienne and senior advisor Symone Sanders have already fled from Kamala’s staff, with reports that more are soon to follow.

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