BREAKING: Eric Holder issues terrifying threat… Please read

It’s difficult to tell which liberals have gone the craziest at this point. Is it the rank and file who go outside and yell at the sky as a “protest” against Trump? Or is it actual big-shot Dems who should know better?

Consider Eric Holder’s recent statement that he’s ready to get into a “knife-fight” with the GOP. “You want to rumble, let’s rumble, you want to have a knife-fight, we’re gonna do it,” he warned at a campaign stop in Wisconsin. Aren’t these the same people who complained about Sarah Palin’s campaign using bullseyes for a map on her webpage?

Liberals are not just hypocritical, they’re dangerous. Their rhetoric is what inspired an unstable man to pick up a gun and shoot at Republicans practicing for a baseball game. Holder was a former Attorney General, he has no good reason to be saying such stupid things. (Read More…)

Bill O’Reilly says Trump’s battle with Comey and McCabe hinges on DOJ report

Washington is heating up the point of a possible meltdown, and Bill O’Reilly is providing commentary on the whole ordeal. On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired the previous interim Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe. McCabe took to Twitter saying that he was targeted by President Trump because of his role in the notorious Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

Another Director, James Comey, whom Trump fired early in his tenure, also chimed in on Twitter when President Trump called him out for being a liar. In the end, O’Reilly tells us, the claims will all depend upon what comes out in the highly-anticipated DOJ report. When it will be released is anyone’s guess.

If O’Reilly’s right, there are some incredible fireworks to come. (Read More…)

Donald Trump says there is corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. government

Everyone knows Trump is a counterpuncher. If you take a swing at him, you’re going to get one in return. And when the swamp has been throwing shots at him for over a year, it’s no surprise that on occasion, Trump comes out swinging. That’s why he’s saying just how corrupt the FBI and DOJ seem to have become in the last few years.

Trump is still under investigation even though no real evidence for his involvement has been provided — all while guilty people like Hillary Clinton and her staffers go free. Hillary broke the law and key officials at the FBI and DOJ covered it up for her. At the same time, short-term staffers of the president are under indictment and threat of incarceration.

If that’s not corrupt, what is? Someone pull the plug on this swamp and let it drain. (Read More…)

Report: Melania Trump preparing for ‘humiliating’ details in Stormy Daniels interview

It’s really unfortunate what Melania Trump has had to go through as the first lady. She’s attacked for being married to Trump, she’s attacked for what she wears. She gets flack for the innocent tweets and statements she makes and takes just as much for things she doesn’t say. No matter what, she’s a target.

And so Democrats can score political points, she may soon have to undergo the media’s intrusion into the personal life of her husband. I’m referring here to the Stormy Daniels scandal. True or false, it doesn’t matter for the sake of Melania. Whatever details there may be of the President’s indiscretion whether true or invented, she’ll have to listen to them broadcast over national media.

It’s really not fair to her, and the media should take her into account, but they won’t. Because they don’t care who they hurt if they get what they want. (Read More…)

Consumerism is the ultimate emotional scam – it never delivers

Something that has bothered me for years is how people often attack conservatives as though we believe in “consumerism.” We don’t. We believe in hard work, earning your own way, and taking care of your family – that’s actually the opposite of consumerism.

Consumerism is an emotional executioner, directly and completely robbing people of any sense of being able to enjoy “now.” We trade fulfillment for the gnawing desire for more petty consumption as a lifestyle.

Being emotionally tied to unachievable goals leads to perpetual feelings of anxiety, gnawing-but-vague regret, and an uncanny feeling that one is wasting one’s life. Consumerism isn’t just unhealthy – it’s evil. (Read More…)

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