Eric Holder Charges Decision – Oh My Gosh

Eric Holder has decided that he supports impeachment charges against President Donald Trump.

The Hill reported:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder argued Thursday that Robert Mueller’s report on the special counsel investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia’s election interference revealed “grounds for impeachment.”

This is despite the report’s findings that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction. In fact, no evidence of any collusion was found after two years of intensive investigation by Mueller.

Still, the Democrat spin machine continues to churn out accusations against Trump whether or not there is any actual evidence to support them. The more Trump signals that the investigation is “over,” the more desperately Democrats seem to grasp at straws to find something–anything–on Trump.

Holder’s partisanship is well-known, and his credibility as a voice against Trump should be suspect.

Of course, Democrats are going to throw everything up against the wall to see if anything sticks, but the Mueller report isn’t going to produce the results they want no matter how they try to spin it in their favor.

Read the full story here.

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