Epstein VIDEO Shocker… Millions Blindsided

Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers released a statement on his autopsy results making it clear that they think more investigation into his death is needed, NBC News reported.

Martin G Weinberg, Reid Weingarten and Michael Miller said they were “not satisfied with the conclusions of the medical examiner.” The lawyers’ statement said that “no one should die in jail” and called the conditions of Epstein’s incarceration during the last hours of his life “harsh” and “even medieval.”

They said it was “indisputable” that the jail had broken its own protocols and that they wanted to see the video available in the vicinity of Epstein’s cell prior to his death.

Epstein was arguably the highest profile inmate in the country prior to his death because of alleged connections to powerful men like former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew. Conspiracy theories about what happened have abounded since his death was announced last week.

The DOJ announced Tuesday that the warden of the Metropolitan Correction Center where Epstein died would be replaced at its direction. Epstein was being held without bail on sex trafficking and other charges that could have gotten him a 45-year sentence. He had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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