Epstein BOMBSHELL – Key Witness Goes Missing…

A bombshell story about Jeffrey Epstein just dropped. It is being reported that a key witness has gone missing, and authorities are searching everywhere for this person of interest.

“A millionaire model agency boss who is thought to have key information about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal ‘has disappeared like a ghost without a trace,'” sending investigators on a worldwide manhunt for 72-year-old Jean-Luc Brunel.

The report from The Daily Mail notes that one of Brunel’s signed models at the time, Svetlana Pozhidaeva — who is no longer modeling — was allegedly photographed at Epstein’s mansion in 2016.

This is one of the potential connections that prompted French authorities to seek out Brunel, however, he reportedly has “no address, internet accounts or social media,” making the search incredibly difficult.

Considering Epstein ran in an elite social circle that included the Clintons, Hollywood stars, and international businessmen, the rabbit hole likely goes much, much deeper than Brunel.

There are many people who have a lot to lose as this investigation moves forward. In addition to key individuals being sought for questioning, the FBI recently raided Epstein’s island compound. There’s no telling what could turn up next.

Read the full story here.

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