Epic: Judge Jeanine Takes On Hillary Clinton

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton desperately wants to run for president in 2020. It’s no accident that a long line of Clinton advisors have come out of the woodwork to pitch the idea of Clinton 2020.

As part of the effort to raise her profile, Clinton spoke to a British left-wing magazine and called for immigration restrictions – in Europe, not the U.S. It’s just another cynical ploy for attention on Clinton’s part, and Judge Jeanine is having none of it.

The Hill quotes Pirro as saying:

“This week Hillary Clinton said Europe should no longer offer refuge and support to migrants. What? The woman either had a lobotomy, or she has been out in the woods too long,” Pirro said in her opening statement of “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

“She has not seen the light. It is pure political calculus,” the host added later. “More than a flip-flop, it is the classic Clinton two-step. She wants to boost her base. The woman is desperate. There is even talk of a 2020 run. Hillary, the only place that you need to run is back into the woods.”

Clinton has previously said that after the 2016 election she has consoled herself by taking long walks in the woods near her home in Chappaqua, N.Y.


Judge Jeanine is right – Clinton will say anything to get more fame, attention, and power.

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