Enemy of Hillary Clinton Disappears

Joseph Mifsud, a source that claimed to have “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, has mysteriously disappeared. Mifsud originally said he had a batch of “leaked” emails that had been obtained by Russian intelligence agents, but recently walked back those claims.

I have no idea if Misfud’s assertions are true. But I would bet that there is more the story than we’re hearing. Whenever the Clinton’s are involved, there’s always more to the story. (Read More…)

Biden admits why he didn’t run in 2016.

Former Vice President Joe Biden wrote in his recently published memoirs that he did not run for the 2016 presidential nomination because he feared Hillary Clinton’s “stop at nothing” opposition research.

Clinton is still working on acquiring dirt on Trump a year after the election ended, so Biden’s fear is valid.

That raises the question — what does Biden have to hide? It’s no secret that he’s prone to creepy behavior. There’s photo evidence of him grabbing and fondling women all over the internet. A secret would have to be pretty dark to keep him from challenging Hillary, especially in a contest he knew he would win. (Read More…)

California NAACP: National anthem is “racist”.

A California chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) wants to abolish the National Anthem, claiming it’s “racist” and has “anti-black” content.

Alice Huffman, the chapter’s president, said the song “doesn’t represent our community…This song is wrong….”

Kneeling during the anthem just isn’t enough for the left — they want to do away with it altogether.

I have a better idea. How about you do away with your divisive rhetoric, build a platform of equality and love, and try being positive for a change? (Read More…)

Media buries coverage of Menendez corruption trial.

The corruption and bribery trial of Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has lasted 65 days and has not received one second of coverage by major evening news broadcasters ABC, NBC, and CBS. In addition, CNN has only aired 36 minutes of coverage during their 24/7 news broadcast.

Ironically, these same networks began in-depth, constant coverage immediately following allegations of sexual misconduct against GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. While Moore’s alleged indiscretions are serious and newsworthy, so are Menendez’s. This is the first corruption trial of a sitting U.S. Senator in 36 years and would likely result in a Senate seat swinging Republican.

The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about Democratic corruption but they love covering Republican scandals. This is why public trust in the media continues to sink to an all-time low. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly: Flipping off Trump “speaks to what America’s all about.”

NBC host Megyn Kelly sank to a new low by gushing over Juli Briskman, the woman who flipped off President Trump and was subsequently fired for it.

Kelly claimed that Briskman’s obscene gesture “speaks uniquely to what America’s all about.” Kelly’s comments have almost gone as viral as the video of Briskman and her “one finger salute.” This isn’t what NBC hoped for when they handed her a $23 million contract.

Megyn, this is not “what America is all about.” This is disgusting and you are better than this. (Read More…)

OJ Simpson kicked out of Vegas hotel for “unruly” conduct.

Former football legend OJ Simpson was recently released from prison after serving 9 years of a 33-year sentence. One provision of his early release was that he avoid “drinking in excess.” Of course, OJ immediately got drunk, started a fight, and was thrown out of a Las Vegas hotel.

OJ Simpson is a thief, kidnapper, and murderer who got another shot at life outside of prison and is proving that he should have stayed behind bars. Unfortunately, he’ll likely avoid jail this time. OJ has escaped more justice than almost anyone alive today, but something tells me he won’t be able to avoid it forever. (Read More…)

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