End of Mueller Investigation – Official Announcement

President Trump is grabbing headlines as special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation slowly draws to a close.

When asked whether he’d make Mueller’s final report available to the American public, he said, “Totally up to the attorney general”. He was, of course, referring to his soon-to-be-confirmed attorney general, William Barr, who will likely take office next week after the Senate votes on his nomination.

For his part, Barr has said that while Mueller’s findings in the Russia investigation will be sealed, his “objective and goal is to get as much as I can of the information to Congress and the public”. Trump and Barr have smartly walked a fine line here, avoiding appearances of trying to hide anything while also not getting too far ahead of the game.

It is still anyone’s guess what Mueller’s report will contain, however, Trump has been quick to point out that none of the charges made so far are related to his 2016 campaign for president. He is ready to move on from this fiasco — and so are the American people.

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