BREAKING: America Sees The END Of Joe Biden – Empty Oval Office…

A Wall Street Journal poll was recently published, and things are looking worse for Joe Biden than even the most cynical of critics could have predicted.

It seems as though it’s almost a sure thing that Biden will be just a one-term president.

After all, only 29% of Americans even believe that the old man will run again, much less have the vim and vigor required to emerge victorious from a grueling campaign season.

That figure was revealed in the poll, and the number isn’t split as drastically among party lines as you might imagine. Even among Democrats, only 41% of them think that Biden will run for a second term.

If even liberals know that this man is too old and frail and tired to do a good job, then why did they vote him in?

It says a lot about Joe Biden’s ability to run this country in 2022 if people think he will be totally incapable by 2024.

Prepare yourself folks. If it isn’t here already, we’re in for a wild ride the next couple of years…

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