Elizabeth Warren QUITS

Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has finally quit her decades-long attempt to appropriate Native American heritage. She now admits she shouldn’t have done it.

At a town hall in New Hampshire, an attendee confronted Warren over her claims of Native American ancestry that she used to get a job at Harvard. Warren confessed that the claim was a bad idea.

However, Warren’s stance is still very dishonest. For instance, she stated she had never abused her claim to Native American ancestry – but that simply isn’t true.

Back when she was hired at Harvard, she was touted as the first ‘woman of color’ tenured at the school.

Can Warren be trusted when she’s clearly willing to lie to advance her career? Warren has been caught lying time and time again and still refuses to acknowledge what she did.

For a Democrat party that seems to care so much about representation, having Warren as a top candidate casts serious doubts on their sincerity.

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