Elizabeth Warren HUMILIATED – Total DISASTER…

Despite all the hype about Elizabeth Warren’s crowd sizes, it appears that she’s not a guaranteed draw.

Warren spoke before an embarrassingly sparse crowd at an “Environmental Justice” forum on Friday, joined by fellow climate alarmist and presidential candidate Tom Steyer.

The mainstream media certainly won’t report this story – they’ve shown time and time again that they’ll do anything to cover for Warren.

In contrast, they’ve done everything they can to embarrass Trump, going all the way back to his inauguration.

The reality is, while Trump is still drawing massive crowds three years into his presidency, nobody is all that excited about the 2020 Democrat candidates, which is why has-beens like Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton are considering jumping into the race.

Warren is no Trump. She’s not even an Obama.

She’s just another shrill liberal who wants power more than anything else in the world. Fortunately for America, she won’t get it.

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