Elizabeth Warren DEVASTATED – This Confirms It…

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was just devastated. This is yet another confirmation that her far-left, socialist ideas, have no place in the United States of America. She must never become president.

Taking to Twitter, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich exposed the horrors of government-run healthcare — specifically the United Kingdom’s current National Health Service (NHS). Warren should take notes.

For starters, Gingrich quoted a key line from a recent article by the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman, who wrote that the “latest results from Britain’s single-payer health system” have exposed a horrifying truth.

“Cancer waiting times are the worst on record,” quoted Gingrich. “More than 20% of UK cancer patients were still waiting for their first treatment more than 60 days after an ‘urgent’ referral from a general practitioner.”

This simply does not happen in the United States. Here, when someone receives such a referral — especially for a serious disease, like cancer — a patient is seen and provided care promptly.

In nations with socialized medicine, however, which Warren is championing via her disastrous Medicare-For-All plan, long waiting lists and delayed care have become commonplace due to rationing.

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