Elizabeth Warren Caught On Hot Mic – She’s Done

U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren was just caught in a shocking hot mic moment. Her presidential aspirations could be completely over now — she has been exposed for the entire nation to see her radicalism.

During a campaign event, Warren was approached by two individuals with a pointed request. “Hi, we’re American Jews. We really love the way you’re fighting corruption. We’d really love it if you also pushed the Israeli government to end occupation,” they said.

Warren responded unequivocally. “Yes. Yes. I’m so there,” she said, confirming what many of us have no for years — Warren is an anti-Israel tool who is ignorant of history and cannot be trusted with our national security or crucial alliances.

Israel remains our strongest ally in the Middle East for good reason. Under PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership, our nations have been inseparable in the goal of driving out terrorism from the region and destroying it worldwide.

America and Israel’s bond cannot be broken, and so much is at stake. Warren, predictably, sees Israel as the aggressor and Palestine as the oppressed nation. But it’s the other way around and it doesn’t take a genius to understand this fact.

Sadly, Warren’s view exposes the corrupt state of the Democratic Party. While she’s willing to be more open about her opinions concerning Israel, it is a foregone conclusion that most (and possibly all) of the other Democratic candidates feel the same way.

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