Elizabeth Warren Admits It – Lets Cat Out Of The Bag

Elizabeth Warren admits it – she will raise taxes AGAIN and AGAIN to pay for her hair-brained schemes. This time, it’s free universal daycare.

On Friday, Warren promised teachers’ union members that the rich would pay for universal daycare.

She vowed to enact a two cent per dollar tax to be levied against 75,000 of the top earners in the United States. This despite the fact that they pay a disproportionate amount of taxes already.

Warren claims the tax revenue from this will pay for childcare from 0-5 years old, tuition-free college, and free technical and community college, but a Moody’s Analytics report found Warren’s plan would cost an additional $700 billion over the next 10 years.

She also nonchalantly claimed it would easily “cancel student loan debt for 95% of people.”

I’m sure most of us look at this and can’t help but think “Does Liz Warren understand economics?” Her wealth tax would hurt the economy for everyone, leaving us all worse off.

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