El Paso Shooting Bombshell – They’re Trying To Hide This

A huge bombshell about the El Paso shooting just dropped. They are trying to hide the truth, and many people are catching on now. This is stunning.

According to several reports, weeks before the tragic shooting that took the lives of 22 people, the suspect’s mother called the local police department in nearby Allen, Texas, to ask about her son’s recent purchase of an “‘AK’ type firearm.”

She was apparently concerned about “his age, maturity level and lack of experience,” but it does not appear that police investigated to see why no follow-up occurred after her call.

Now, the supect was legally able to purchase the firearm, given he was 21-years-old, but when a mother calls the police it is usually case for further investigation. We may never get a full answer to this question.

But the family’s attorney said that her call was “informational” in nature — she wanted to know if owning such a firearm was legally possible. Once she was told that her son could purchase it, that’s when the discussion presumably ended.

“This was not a volatile, explosive, erratic behaving kid. It’s not like alarm bells were going off,” noted the family’s attorney. By the suspect’s own admission, however, he was intentionally targeting certain people at the Walmart where he opened fire.

Read the full story here.

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